Peters Creek
2880 Glenmore Ave, Pittsburgh, PA, USA
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Peters Creek Baptist Church is an historic church with a contemporary vision.

1510 Saint Pascal, Quebec, Quebec, Canada
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Mysteriously the life and the death of John Paul II are both strongly marked by the number 13. Besides, several major and historical acts of Jean-Paul II were made on the 13th of the month.

874 Clearcrest Cr, Ottawa
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Message forum to help people learn more about God.

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This colourful site presents seekers with an intimate glimpse into Torontos Vaishnava religion heritage adopted from ancient India. It feaures articles related to the Kingdom of God from ancient Indian texts as well as pictures, sounds and videos of Toro

561 Montego Lane Sou, Ellenton, Fl
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We Share JESUS with those captive by age or circumstance in Nursing Homes.