Dar es Salaam
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DawoodiBohra.8m.com - Its all about Dawoodi Bohra Community. It renders its services to mumineen worldwide. Though, it is not an official community site but Dawoodi Bohras can visit it to get the latest info on Dawoodi Bohra Community. DawoodiBohra.8m.co

Delve Into Jesus
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Through articles, discussions and by answering your questions, we want to show you that that Christianity makes sense.

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This site is dedicated to our Heavenly father God and His unlimited love for His children

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The Knights of Columbus are a non profit organization that help support national and local charities thru fundraising and other events.The Arthritis Association, Special Olympics and Cancer Foundation are just a few of the benefactors from our fundraising

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Gracies Cafe is a Christian worship team praise music resource in addition we feature an extensive mental health self help section focusing on cognative therapy for anxiety attacks, panic attacks and depression